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Watch Lie to Me Episode 7

Well yet again this series comes out swinging for the fences. For those of you who missed it please go ahead and watch lie to me episode 6 right now. This show is getting better and better and again as I said in many posts earlier the really amazing part of this show will be in revealing its character driven plot. Sure, amazing stuff and this time we got to see some more things as usual. Really glad to see it of course. This time it was about Cal Lightman less and more about Dr.Gillian. One of the things I'm glad to see is Lie to Me giving everyone equal play time.

Not to make it a sports metaphor but the great thing to note is that we're seeing top notch actors playing in their natural habitat. That is, running with a fantastic script, a big budget and a great director. I'll update this post once we get some more info on Watch Lie to Me episode 7.

Watch Lie to Me Episode 6

The airdate of episode 6 has not yet been announced.

For those of you who have yet to Watch Lie to Me Episode 5, go do it! Episode 5 was epic! Lets go over what was covered.

This episode had the standard two "cases". Again, what really impresses me about this show is there is tons of applicability to what the Lightman group can do. It doesn't become stale because we have tons of things they can do.

Case in point--we had the "Is he lying" scenario as well as the "who dun it". However, each had their own unique spin. Lightman took Ria under his wing again as they analyzed whether or not one of the largest gang leaders was truly reformed. Ria had a bias and we learn more about her troubled past growing up.

Similarly we delve more into Lightman's character and Ria asks some questions about his background. We also learn more about Jillian (and her apparent affinity for firemen). This is not really as interesting as the backstory involved with Dr. Lightman and Ria but it is interesting to watch none the less.

Watch Lie to Me Episode 5

Update: Amazing episode!

More fantastic stuff ladies in gents. In our quest to watch lie to me online every week there are some awesome updates.

After Lie to Me episode 4 there have been some really cool updates. We've had all the good stuff happen and now? Well what are you waiting for? I'm still breaking down a lot of this bad boy, there's so much backstory in the last episode that I'm still breaking it down. We had so much revealed about each character and as always they managed to make use of all their characters! Eli and Ria did their thing together but the real gem was getting to see what Ria would do when confronted with sexual tension from a male co-worker.

She responded in typical street girl tough fashion which says a lot about her if you ask me. All the jumps had us guessing to the very end. There really was no getting out of that one! But no matter, still an awesome episode all around. For those of you not forunate enough to be with us follow these links:

Watch Lie to Me Episode 3
Watch Lie to Me Episode 2
Watch Lie to Me Pilot

There I gave you the links. No excuses for not being up to date! OK so we saw some really love story happen. I think that much have been the theme considering the wedding. Well now we see that Lie to Me is totally solid. The entire thing was about relationships.

We see how they feel about marriage. We see Cal see that Gillian's being cheated on. He doesn't try to help. Interesting. Then he talks about how much he hates weddings. Gillian of course loves them. Simultaneously we see Ria being confronted with the co-worker to get down with her.

Then we see the relationship between the bride and groom so now we get to see how a normal (not detective level lie detection) relationships work. Another great thing is that the ex-boyfriend was the killer therefore we see ANOTHER love link! Jeez guys, this episode was crazy!

We really got to see a different side of this when it came down to the analytical side of the show. This time we were trying to prevent things--this is where this show proves its worth in real life. If you show me a guy who did a crime I could break down his facial expressions with psychobabble and make sense of it.

It's way harder to point out one guy randomly on the street and say "his facial expressions show that he's about to do something nuts" which you can VERIFY. If that works you are beyond science, you get to practical science (think the light bulb or the internet). Not just theory. Reality.

I'm really impressed (that's turning into my phrase) at how this show is doing! Updates to come.

Watch Lie to Me Episode 4

"I distrust weddings. They lead to marriage."

Let me just say that ever since I started to watch lie to me online I have 100% fallen in love with it! And guess what? Episode 4 gets even better. Hard to believe I know but listen to what happens in episode 4 of Lie to me.

Lie to Me Episode 4

In this episode we get things in reverse. So instead of trying to solve a murder we're going to try to prevent one. This is a great display of how important Cal's skills (ie. deceit detection) truly are. He is so well trained he can find the body language of someone who is about to commit a crime.

And he takes his time teaching others (for large amounts of money of course). So we see him in the Korean embassy helping to protect the Korean ambassador who recently announced his candidacy for president.

Ria and Eli also tag along. Ria again notices that Gillian's husband is not telling the whole truth and Cal decides to ignore it. It is possible that she might be a future love interest or perhaps that they have a history together.

Either way we get some goody background stories for each character. And we most definitely see that Cal has a serious distaste for weddings. And seeing how he was at one point married to what he assume his now ex-wife that just makes more questions for us. These weren't answered when i got to watch Lie to Me Pilot.

Ria and Eli do their thing well and serve as fantastic supporting characters. Additionally the writers really love to compare people to Bill Clinton during the Lewinksy trials. They used it when I was watching Lie to Me episode 2.

So this Korean story is fantastically interesting because it works in reverse.

Watch lie to me episode 3

Watch Lie to Me Episode 3

Wow I have really been zipping through the Lie to Me episodes! I guess that's easy to do when you watch Lie to Me online. So last blog post I told you guys that this series is going to be big. This episode showed me I was wrong.

This series is going to be HUGE! Yet another one they knocked out of the park. Thanks to the very smart creation of the show there is so much potential. We still have no idea what Cal is all about, where he comes from, how his British (?) accent landed in the USA and the list goes on.

Personally I predict several episodes in future seasons where we get to see him exploring in the jungle when he was younger.

Anyway on to the episode.

Lie to Me episode 3

It seems to be a recurring theme now that there will be two different cases solved per episode. This is how they manage to tap into all of their acting capital. All four characters get sufficient time but not enough so that we run the risk of getting sick of them. Cal is edgy while his lead counterpart is more playful.

The two supporting are great to watch as well and obviously the whole idea behind always telling the truth is great because it makes for many funny moments. Not to mention it ties in very well with the whole "lie to me" theme.

In episode 3 of Lie to Me we get to watch as Cal investigates an Ivy League Prep school. Ah highschool, so fun to watch on TV. This time though we get much better writing than your average episode of Gossip Girl. This one shows Cal cracking heads and trying to figure out what a honor roll student died.

On top of that, we find out her mother is a judical nominee for the supreme court. Big stuff no? Again we spend timing ruling out the usual suspects and yet again we get thrown for a loop as to who the real killer is.

The secondary mystery too is a good one,where we follow a military airline pilot and try to figure out why he crashed a brand new test ship. Well, no surprise there, we get a solid answer that is fun to watch.

We also get to see some back story regarding Cal and his daughter. Seeing as that his wife left him for another man I'm sure we'll see her pop up as the Anti-Cal soon enough.

The real killer is found in the end but we're thrown for so many twists and turns I have to think that the writers of Lie to Me spend a lot of time watching all the other killer/CSI/mystery shows and then try to do the exact opposite. They've really managed to keep it fresh!

Watch Lie to Me Episode 2

Watch Lie to Me Pilot

Watch Lie to Me Episode 2

I am currently watching Lie to Me episode 2 and I am finding something very interesting--I believe this will be the next big hit. It is incredible! Down from the opening sequence to the fantastic support characters.

Every involved in Lie to Me is exceptional. I am very impressed with the entire cast and crew of Lie to Me. I suggest everyone watch lie to me online so you can see how incredible it is!

Where to Start?

Start by watching lie to me the pilot. Clearly it's the natural starting point. Now on to episode 2.

Lie to Me Episode 2

This is the first Lie to Me episode with a sequence for the opening. The theme song is dead on and the video sequence is fantastic. It reflects how good the show is. It's dead on.

Episode 2 plot - The Lie to Me team looks into a rape in the military. At the same time they look at whether or not a basketball player took a bribe to start playing for a college team. I was very impressed at how they made use of all four lead characters. Most of the time the dialogue stays as sharp and the character relationships are fantastic to watch. I most definitely feel as though I want to work in the lie detecting business now!

The plot thickens as we find out even more about what really went on in the army and yet again, you will never guess what happened. It's also great to see an update to date show (with a Palin reference) with great mainstream culture jabs. I'm impressed yet again.

Start watching Lie to Me online now!

Start Watching Lie to Me Online!

I have to say I am totally pumped about Lie to Me! Every should watch lie to me online! I just finished watching the pilot episode and I can't even tell you how impressed I am. You should all watch the lie to me pilot online because I totally think this show is going to be huge.

The plot is House MD meets Law & Order. It's problem solving taken to the next level. It's all about how the Good Doc Cal will break down his puzzles and solve a crime. My favorite bit is that is so well written you won't be able to guess the solution.

The problem is most writers are not nearly good enough to make a true surprise happen.I guarantee you that Lie to Me will keep you guessing!

Watch Lie to Me Pilot Online

Lie to Me is one of the most promising new shows of the new era. It feels a lot like House MD and has really good character appeal as well as dialogue. Lie to me is witty, and incredibly well written. Right off the bat it pulls you in with its character driven dialogue.

"We all pay for sex one way or another, at least hookers are honest about the price."

I know many of you will be anxious to watch lie to me online.

Here's a summary of the Lie to Me Pilot.

Tim Roth plays Dr.Cal Lightman, a total prodigy when it comes to body language. He is able to pick up on the smallest things when examining people and is suddenly able to read people's true feelings.

The camera work is very impressive as it is very good at helping us understand the mentality of Dr.Lightman. In the backstory he has created a department within homeland security dedicated to lie detecting. He created a lie detecting test that is designed to teach law officers how to tell when someone is lying or being deceptive.

In the pilot episode we learn that Cal is a partner in his own independent agency which freelances to the FBI and anywhere really to find the truth.

Dr.Lightman the character is remarkably comparable to Dr.House. He is smart, extremely witty, able to discern true human behaviour from idiosyncratic movements. He jokes about what is occuring and is remarkably laid back. He is a marvel to watch and does a great job of pulling in the audience.

The title of the series, Lie to Me, shows how Cal views his work. Undoubtedly he feels like this is a game and takes pride in solving his mysteries.

I think there will be amazing backstory for this character and I'm sure as the series wears on we'll see the writers come up with numerous flash backs to spice things up. I see good things for Lie to Me up ahead.

About our Watch lie to Me Blog

Lie to Me is a show that is currently promising to be one of the best new shows out there. Ever since I decided to start watching lie to me I can see it closely resembles the show House MD both in its writing and its acting. Actually its even more similar in how they shoot the show. You see, House MD usually dumbs things down so that we have a look in.

Think about it--when doctors do differential diagnoses, they don't need to explain the diseases to each other. They do that for US. They do that so we UNDERSTAND. That is something that is totally out of character but it consciously needs to be done so that we are not 100% lost (funny thing is the way its spoonfed anyone could understand).

Anyway I started this blog for people who watch Lie to Me Online. You talk to each other you enjoy and you can talk about different things that are happening in Lie to Me. By putting it online we can communicate more readily and we can exchange info. Plus I love to write!

Here are the current list of websites:

Watch Lie to Me episode 5
Watch Lie to Me episode 4
Watch Lie to Me Episode 3
Watch Lie to Me Episode 2
Watch Lie to Me Pilot

I will of course continue to add to this list as more Lie to Me shows come up. Eventually I'll break all the Lie to me episodes up, maybe make some guides and break it down by season. Hell I'll probably even do a summary every season. I could do one every 3-4 episodes the rate I'm going!

Anyway thanks for dropping by, I hope you'll enjoy this site!